Hi, I am Doreen, an extreme hunger expert and intuitive eater

Most girls and women would like to be thinner, slimmer, would like to have no cellulite and certainly not even a small tummy. It´s pretty normal to not like your body.” At least that’s what I thought throughout my youth. What began as a seemingly harmless dissatisfaction with my body, eventually ended in a full blown eating disorder. Restricting, compensating, overeating, fear, guilt, shame. That´s been my reality during those years adults told me to enjoy most.

Today, a few years later I can accept and value my body in a way I never even dared to believe would be possible for me. I can trust my body fully and food only plays a casual role in my life.

this stupid hunger

Actually, I never intended to really develop an eating disorder. I actually didn’t want that, somehow it just happened. But who intends to develop an eating disorder anyways, right? But I didn’t want to gain weight either. If only there hadn’t been this damn hunger. I was so hungry I could have eaten the whole world. I was afraid that if I started eating again, I would never stop. Because that’s exactly what I wanted: to eat and not have to stop again.

Recovery accounts and blog told be that I “just” have to give into this hunger. But nothing about that was actually easy. How do I end this war in my head? How do I stop throwing up after a “feast” or not compensate? How do I stop eating when I’m really full? How does all this not end up in another eating disorder?

how I gained full recovery

Despite all my doubts and fears, I made it. Today I can eat intuitively. I get full from “normal” portions and can trust my body that it knows how much energy and nutrients it needs today. The advice: “Just eat and give in to your hunger” was not enough for me. In addition to the food, many self-help books, blog posts and scientific literature were eaten. I have used counseling and coaching myself and earned my own nutritionist license.

DSC 1420 about me

my approach

As a coach, I probably see your eating disorder a little differently than you do: I am convinced that the eating disorder has served you in some way in the past. But since you landed here on this page, you probably already know yourself that the eating disorder is now holding you back from finally living again and that you need a change.

Therefore, my coaching approach is holistic. Eating disorders (and also extreme hunger) are mental disorders and do not have their origin in food or in your weight.

In my coaching, we not only address your eating habits, but also your deepest beliefs about yourself and the world. I refer to the insights of intuitive eating and the “health at every size” approach.

I am so passionate about this topic because ...

… Eating disorders are still stigmatized in our society, but above all, they are even normalized. It is NOT normal to constantly diet and be dissatisfied with your body image to such an extent that you restrict yourself in any way (clothes, food,…)

… many sufferers have to experience a lack of understanding from relatives, friends and even doctors. The severity of an eating disorder and the need for treatment should not be determined by weight. If you feel like something is wrong with your attitude towards food, you deserve to get help immediately. And you also deserve to get help, even after weight restoration.

… the extreme hunger – even if the majority of eating disorder patient experience extreme hunger at some point in recovery – is often ignored or played down. For those affected, the topic is therefore often shameful and don´t receive the support they actually need.

… I know how lonely this path to healing can feel.

why eating disorder recovery can be beneficial

First of all: Coaching is not supposed to replace psychotherapy. Nevertheless, I am convinced – and many others are too – that coaching can be supportive in a wide variety of scenarios:

– if you have just been discharged from a clinic and are now on your own at home
– you are convinced that you can overcome your eating disorder without psychotherapeutic help
– the healthcare system is currently unable to provide the support you actually need (e.g. if your doctors downplay your eating disorder, therapists do not take your extreme hunger seriously, you have to wait for a place in therapy,…)
– you are looking for additional support in addition to your psychotherapy.

You’ve probably already googled a lot and actually know what you have to do to cure your eating disorder (if not, no problemo :D). In coaching session you get to vent about your thoughts, worries and fears freely. I can support you in difficult situations and accompany you – even if only virtually – in everyday life.

Do we want to get to know each other personally?

You too want to live, not just survive again? You are done with obsessing over food all day long? Then it is time to slowly let your eating disorder go. You have nothing to lose by booking a 30minute free and non-binding mini-coaching, where I am going to answer you the most common questions about extreme hunger and we will work out the next step you can take to get closer to full recovery. 

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