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I am Doreen, a mental health and food-blogger and a certified nutritionist in becoming. I believe that health begins with the right mindset – not a diet, lifestyle or hitting a certain amount of steps daily.

Health has no certain look, appearance or body shape. And overall health has nothing particullary to do with eating only certain food groups or working out on a daily basis. It is time to rethink stigmatas around health, weigth and food.

my very own story

I have spent my teenage years worrying about my body image, doing workouts I little enjoyed and desperately tried to shrink my body. My friends always looked slimmer, fitter and healthier. I was at a constant war with myself, especially my appearance and food itself and meanwhile I totally forgot to enjoy my teenage years.

I thought by losing weight all my problems will be solved. Spoiler: nothing was solved by this, I only caused even more problems. I went all the way back and forth in diet and “unhealthy”-fitness culture, experienced restricting, counted calories, binged and drowned myself in purging behaviors.
But I wasn´t ready yet to accept, that my life will always just be about food, weight and watching others living their best life, I desired as well. So, I went all the way back through hell – recovered from my eating disorders and found passion in helping others doing the exact same thing (but their way!)

my goal

Since I found passion in sharing my story and empowering others to overcome their struggles – my goal is to build a coaching platform to connect with other fighters and warriors. I want o help them rethinking food, health and fitness. I want to provide them the support they need on their very unique path to accept and value their bodies and personalities again. No one should feel left alone, misunderstood or hopeless on their journey to food freedom.

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