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1 Veganuary 2023 and eating disorder recovery

Veganuary 2023 and eating disorder recovery

The Veganuary is a global campaign by an organization of the same name, which wants to encourage people worldwide to try a vegan diet in the first month of the year. The trend is particularly widespread on social media and is putting pressure on non-vegans to go completely vegan for […]

Unentschlossenheit in der Recovery | indecisiveness in recovery

making food choices in recovery (Q&A pt. 4)

Grocery shopping is a great challenge in recovery—indeed, quite overwhelming. Now that the eating disorder no longer determines what is allowed in the shopping cart, you can theoretically pack everything. But the choices are endless. You want to take the best and not waste any money as well. And at […]

challenging fear foods

4 tips for challenging fear foods

Fear foods are foods that you may feel afraid, anxious, or uncomfortable eating. The fear of a food may come from irrational thoughts about how it impacts your body or weight. People that are affected by eating disorders often feel guilty, ashamed or even disgusted by themselves for having these certain foods, so they try to avoid these foods on all costs.