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challenging fear foods

4 tips for challenging fear foods

Fear foods are foods that you may feel afraid, anxious, or uncomfortable eating. The fear of a food may come from irrational thoughts about how it impacts your body or weight. People that are affected by eating disorders often feel guilty, ashamed or even disgusted by themselves for having these certain foods, so they try to avoid these foods on all costs.

page 1 Extreme hunger explained

Extreme hunger explained

Extreme hunger can be found as very upsetting and disturbing in eating disorder recovery. But it actually is just a natural response to a period of famine. It means your body is healing – which is why I prefer to talk about a healing hunger. Learn, what it feels like, where it comes from and how to heal it.

Instagram Post 1080x1080 All food is good food

All food is good food

Labeling food as good or bad is usually justified on the basis of the nutritional quality of a certain food. It might seem quite reasonablee at first glance, but let’s have a second look on this approach: – all foods have nutritional value (yes, even sugar and fats! Sugar are […]