"I've never tried this before, so it's definitely going to be great."

Hey, did you recognize the quote? No pressure, I have some hints for you: There’s a lively girl with fiery red hair and stylish, side-standing braids. She has a house filled with knick-knacks, a monkey AND a horse – cool, right? Additionally, she’s super-independent and does whatever she wants. Have you figured out who we’re talking about here? – I mean, not really. After all, I’m not the famous Pippi Longstocking.

What my childhood heroine and I (don't) have in common.

Childhood heroes play a special role in our development: they inspire us and encourage our imagination, help us establish our identity, and strengthen our self-confidence. Before I tell you more about myself, a little tip on the side: it can be helpful to watch children’s movies as a young adult or adult to recharge our batteries. Why not give it a try?

I admired the most about this lively girl how she rarely loses her sense of humor, lives in the present moment, manages to navigate the world with playful ease, and stands up for being unique. Perhaps heroes and idols reflect how we would like to be a little more. In Pipi’s words: “Why did I walk backwards? Don’t we live in a free country? Can’t we walk how we want?

"Beautiful is what you call beautiful."

This too I had to relearn from Pippi, after straying a bit from the path of self-acceptance, independence, and ease during my youth. For years, I fought against my own body, gaining weight, losing weight, building muscles, and trying various diets. It was within this context that this blog was created. Even today, you can find some entries about eating disorders and, above all, inspiring thoughts for the road to recovery. The journey was not easy, but I can finally say that I no longer want to identify with the issues surrounding eating disorders and want to move forward in my life.

Untitled design 7 about me

Just a brief, and I mean really brief, overview of myself

Why only briefly? Because I am aware that when something is posted online, people who know me in real life may also read it and I prefer them to get to know me as I really am, not as a website portrays me.

Is that already saying enough about me?


Well, here are a few boring facts: I am a psychology student and currently undergoing coaching training. I love using Google (scholar), I read a lot, and I am a multiple plant mom. I was active on social media for a long time, but I have decided not to share my life publicly anymore and instead spend more time with my loved ones, myself, and things that truly bring me joy. You can find out more about my social media detox here.

"The things are as they are, and what will be, will be."

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