DSC 1202 scaled Fruit marbled cake

Fruit marbled cake

Marbled cake – where I come from, this is a absolute classical type of cake. If yu don´t know what your are going to bring for a cake to a birthday party? You´re baking a marbled cake. That is why we probably all connect some childhood memories with it. It is easy to make but also not as boring as a usual pound cake.

But this is not a normal marbled cake!

Instead of mixing half of the dough with cocoa powder, I used fruit powder. (I bought mine from Koro), it gives the cake a refreshing taste – perfect for summer days or someone that isn´t that much a chocolate-lover. To make it even more refreshing you can easily add some berries to the dough. This cake is for everyone! You can easily make it gluten free, vegan or even nut-free.
This cake is not as sweet as usual cakes – so in case you´re having a sweeter tooth then me – add more sugar (150-200g) or top it with a sweet icing of your choice.

The controversial thing about baking a healthier version and promoting food freedom

In know it might sound quite controversial that I am on one side promoting food freedom and not cutting out any food groups and at the same time creating a vegan, gluten free and sugar reduced cake. But one thing doesn´t neccessarily have to influence the other one. I am treating this cake not different than a “normal” cake. I am not eating more of it or enjoy it with less guilt. I just like experience with ingredients, create recipes that fit for everyone and still taste good.
What are your thoughts about this topic? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can have a conversation about it!

Fruit marbled cake

Difficulty: Easy


Prep time


Baking time





doesn´t matter

Total time






  • 230g flour (or blended oats for a gluten free option will work as well)

  • 200g rice flour

  • 100g potatoe starch

  • 100g sugar

  • 1,5 Tbsp baking powder

  • pinch of salt

  • 200ml (plant) milk

  • 125g nut butter or melted butter

  • 200ml sparkling water

  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegard

  • 3 Tbsp fruit powder (I used raspberries) + 1 Tbsp milk


  • combine all the dry ingredients (besides the fruit powder)
  • stirr the nut butter, milk and apple cider vinegard and add it to the dry ingredients
  • slowly add the sparkling water whilst gently mixing everything (don´t over mix it, otherwise the cake will end up not fluffy, I recommend stirring with a wooden spoon.)
  • devide the dough in two – and add in one half the fruit powder and a sip of milk.
  • grease a baking pan and first fill in a quarter of the neutral dough, then a quarter of the fruit one. Then repeat and swirl with a fork through the layers to create the marbled optic.
  • bake the cake 60-70 minutes at 180°C (maybe cover it half time – so it doesn´t turn too dark, but this depends on your own preference). After taking it out let it cool down for a little while before taking it out.


  • For the glace I simply mixed syrup with some fruit powder and some water. You can also melt some white chocolate and add some fruit powder and glace the cake with it.

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