DSC 1311 scaled nourish bowl

nourish bowl

Food is more than just energy.Food is also nourishment for the soul. Food connects people with each other. Brings cultures together.Food plays a huge part in socializing. Food is also meant to bring is comfort.Food should leave us satisfied and nourish our inner child. If eating would only be about […]

DSC 1202 scaled Fruit marbled cake

Fruit marbled cake

Marbled cake – where I come from, this is a absolute classical type of cake. If yu don´t know what your are going to bring for a cake to a birthday party? You´re baking a marbled cake. That is why we probably all connect some childhood memories with it. It […]

20210427 123714760 iOS scaled refreshing banana bread

refreshing banana bread

“but bananas are high in calories” makes me go ´nanas. Bananas are great sources of energy, rich in vitamins and minerals. After readig why bananas aren´t “bad”, I recommend baking my absolutely favorite banana bread!

1991 scaled basic porridge recipe

basic porridge recipe

perfect mornings.
My perfect morning includes a hot bowl of porridge. This post is about benefits of porridge, and my favorite porridge recipe. You don´t want to miss this!