positive mindset about weight gain 1 positive mindset about weight gain

positive mindset about weight gain

When there is something, I can say for sure, than it´s this: There is NO living-being on this planet, whose weight has never changed. We get older, grow taller, our muscle-fat ratio changes, our metabolism slows down, …

Bodies are meant to change over the time.

It is normal to not have the same body shape as when you have been 14 years old, or not look like in your twenties when you are in your thirties now. This is natural. And no matter how hard you´ll try to fight against it – your body will always change. But when your weight/body-shape changes, your worth doesn´t. No matter how you look, you will always stay the same person. You won´t change your personality, just because you are living in a “bigger” body. Your weight is leterally the least interesting thing about you. I don´t choose my friends depending on their body shape. And your friends also don´t like you just because of how you look, but because of the person you are.

But I would lie, if I´d say, I never wish, I´d still have my smaller body. Because I do. Or… let´s say. Parts of me do. Gaining weight and seeing your body constantly change in recovery can be so exhausting and scary. All I was ever working on before recovery was loosing weight, maintaining my weight or fighting against gaining weight – and now I was supposed to feel comfortable with the opposite: gaining weight. And not even knowing, how much I will have to gain. But whilst gaining weight, I also gained a more positive mindset towards weight gain in general.

What´s coming is better than what´s gone!

When things get rough and we have to deal with a lot of other things in our life – it happens easily, that we try to find comfort in old behaviors and we might convince ourselves, that it´s been better back then – including our sick bodies. So, what always hold me back from relapsing, even when my body image has been just through the roof, is reminding myself of how amazing things my body is capable to do now. Life might be tough now, but going back won´t solve it at all.

Benefits of gaining weight:
– regulated body temperature
– sitting comfortable and not getting bruises that easily
– balanced hormones (less body hair, having a menstrual cycle, fertility, libido, mood,…)
– having more energy and motivation
– faster muscle recovery and better sleep
– being present and not thinking about food all the time
– feeling less anxious and stressed because you have more brain space
– better skin, stronger hair
– better concentration, since the brain fog is gone
– digestion and bowel movements
– having strong hunger and fullness cues as well as feeling satisfied
– overcoming the fear of gaining weight

I also want to say – that gaining weight is not only reserved for those who might have been suffering from an eating disorder. It is also normal and absoultely okay, when you have gained weight – even though you have always been at a healthy weight. Losing weight or maintaining your smallest weight possible, is not always what will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

I´d love to hear about your experiences with weight gain down below!

Also check out this YouTube playlist, I created about gaining weight:


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