Are you longing to think about something other than food again?

Are you familiar with that? You took the scary step and decided to heal your eating disorder. And then suddenly, without warning, an uncontrollable, extreme hunger overran you.

“Is this still normal or am I addicted to food now? Do I eat too much or even binge? Have I failed?”

You spend most of your day thinking about food, watching the popular “full day of eatings”, collecting recipes or planning your next meal, even though you’ve only just eaten and your body is craving all the foods that you denied to eat for so long (cake, fries, chocolate, biscuits, pizza, cheese, pasta, rice, …).


… you can finally eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without a guilty conscience.

… you no longer need to be afraid of losing control over food because you can trust your body again and listen to your feelings of hunger and satiety.

… your life is no longer just about food, exercise and your body.

… you feel pleasantly full and satisfied after eating.

If you now think that none of this will be possible for you, then you’ve come to the right place. No matter how long you’ve been in recovery, no matter how much you weigh, if you engage in compensating behaviours, or if you (don´t) have an official diagnosis:

In twelve weeks you will learn to heal your extreme hunger and regain trust in your own body so that you can finally eat freely and intuitively again.

are you ready to...

003 toast extreme hunger recovery coaching

work actively on
your recovery?

010 spaguetti extreme hunger recovery coaching

get to know yourself again?

017 toast extreme hunger recovery coaching

make peace with all
kind of foods?


we will go this path together:


find motivation and set goals

Together we will work out what motivates you for recovery and set up goals for the next 12 weeks. This means you are well prepared in case the road to recovery ever gets bumpy and difficult.


understand your extreme hunger

Using easy-to-understand illustrations and explanations, I will give you all the information about extreme hunger, mental hunger, the connection between compensatory behavior and binge eating, etc., so that you can recognize your triggers and pursue your extreme hunger with a clear conscience.


learn how to structure your meals

Based on your preferences and your everyday life, I will give you tips on how to best organize your meals and meal structure. You will be given recipes that are suitable for everyday use and do not require you to count calories or weigh portions. Structured eating will help you regain control of hunger and satiety and give your body all the nutrients it needs to heal.


let go of eating disorder supporting believes

I will support you in identifying the beliefs that no longer serve you. You will also learn how to develop helpful and self-appreciating beliefs in the long term, because what we think about our environment, others and above all ourselves also influences how we perceive our bodies and what/how much we eat. Our goal is to break the diet mentality and all beliefs that fuel your eating disorder.


challenge your fear foods

In the long run, you can’t just ignore all of your fear foods. Avoidance behavior leads to an increase in anxiety, guilt, shame and can trigger overeating. That’s why we work out which fear foods you can still have to face and gradually challenge them systematically.


deal with (bodily) changes

So far you have probably used the control over your body, your weight, sports and disordered eating behaviours to deal with emotions and difficult life situations. We want to replace this coping strategy with more constructive and sustainable tools. For this we will develop an individual tool box so that you can meet yourself again with more self-esteem and self-love.


evaluation and relapse-prevention

Finally, we will evaluate the past few weeks and take a look into the future. Where are you now, what have you already achieved and what can still happen? We will also work out how you can deal with triggers constructively in the future, so that you can achieve your personal goals and no longer have to look for comfort and security in eating/not eating.

what other warriors are saying about recovery

no regrets besides...

The only thing I regret about my recovery is that I didn't allow my body to take back the control sooner. You don't earn recovery by staying sick longer. So, why wait? Now is the best time to heal.
018 banana split Kopie extreme hunger recovery coaching

full recovery

There are so many myths circulating on social media that you can never eat freely again without worrying about calories, you're always having an eating disorder, etc. But those are just... myths
015 pizza extreme hunger recovery coaching

you too can do this

Is it easy to let go of your eating disorder? It may look like it from the outside, but it isn't for most people that are actually dealing with it. But difficult doesn't mean impossible! You too can do hard things.
016 pancakes extreme hunger recovery coaching

Are you interested?

You finally want to live again, not just survive? And you finally want to put an end to the constant thoughts of food? Then you are clearly ready to heal your extreme hunger and gradually let go of your eating disorder. You have nothing to lose by simply booking a free, non-binding mini-coaching session with me. Just click on the button and choose a suitable date. I’m looking forward getting to know you!

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