Are you ready to heal your extreme hunger and let go of your eating disorder for good?

You are in recovery from an eating disorder and no matter how much you eat, you just feel like an extremely hungry, bottom loss pit? 

Then imagine for a second food only plays a marginal role in your life, after a full meal you´re actually feeling full and satisfied and you no longer have to be afraid, to lose control around food. Sounds a bit unrealistic to you? 

Then you are in the right space, my friend. Because you too can heal your relationship with food and recover fully. Book your free and non-binding 30-minute mini-coaching session in which I will answer you the most common questions about extreme hunger and we will work out which step you can make next to get closer to full recovery. 

eating disorder recovery coaching

mind blowing facts
about eating disorders:

~ 0 %
experience extreme hunger in recovery at least once
0 %
of eating disorder patients are not underweight
0 %
of people with eating disorders don´t know where to seek help from

how I can support you

As your personal coach, I will accompany you on your eating disorder recovery journey for 12 weeks.

No matter how long you’ve been in recovery so far, I’ll support you to heal your extreme hunger – without weighing, counting calories or strict meal plans.

Together we will also solve your eating disorder-promoting beliefs so that you can soon eat intuitively, without guilt and shame again soon.

About me

“Most girls and women would like to be thinner, slimmer, would like to have no cellulite and certainly not even a small tummy. It´s pretty normal to not like your body.” At least that’s what I thought throughout my youth. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

What began as a seemingly harmless dissatisfaction with my body, ended in a full blown eating disorder. Restricting, compensating, overeating, fear, guilt, shame. That is how my everyday life looked like during those years adults told me to enjoy most.

Today I am a certified nutritionist, eat intuitively and a passionate psychology student. I share recipes and content related to eating disorders on social media platforms. I can appreciate my body – just the way it is – in a way I never thought would be possible for myself.

I´d love to support you on this journey towards food freedom, true satisfaction and body confidence!

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You want to know, how you can heal YOUR extreme hunger?

You want to live, not just survive again? You are done with obsessing over food all day long? Then it might be time to bring your recovery on a next level. You have nothing to lose by booking a free mini-coaching, where I am going to answer you the most common questions about extreme hunger and giving you all the details about my coaching program.

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