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1 2 digestive issues in eating disorder recovery (Q&A pt. 5)

digestive issues in eating disorder recovery (Q&A pt. 5)

Today we will talk about digestive issues in eating disorder recovery. Oftentimes, people who have previously consumed only a very limited range of foods experience digestive issues as as they start to reintroduce the restricted foods back into their diet. Don’t worry – in the vast majority of cases the […]

Anorexia and hyperactivity explained

Anorexia is characterized by a complex picture of symptoms. And one of the most frequently observed symptoms is hyperactivity in the form of physical activity. In fact, hyperactivity can be seen in about half of all anorexic patients. This may actually sound familiar to you: In the phase when I […]

heal extreme hunger

heal extreme hunger in 5 steps

Extreme Hunger can be one of the scariest parts of recovery. But it’s actually one of the most common and important “symptoms” in recovery from an restrictive eating disorder. If there’s ONE topic that I get the most Instagram DM’s and emails about, it is “bingeing” and how to heal […]