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recovery habits

5 eating disorder recovery habits to start right now

What recovering from an eating disorder looks like? Well… It’s not always the pretty picture that you hoped for. Like… I wish I could tell you right now, right here, that it was all sunshine and rainbows, puppies and ice-cream-whenever-you-feel-like-it, but that would be a terrible misrepresentation. Recovering from an […]

challenging fear foods

4 tips for challenging fear foods

Fear foods are foods that you may feel afraid, anxious, or uncomfortable eating. The fear of a food may come from irrational thoughts about how it impacts your body or weight. People that are affected by eating disorders often feel guilty, ashamed or even disgusted by themselves for having these certain foods, so they try to avoid these foods on all costs.

bulimia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa – it´s not a choice

Bulimia nervosa – often also described as a binge-purge-disorder – is in many ways similar to anorexia. People often think that bulimia nervosa is about vomiting the food in order to stay thin and not gain any weight. But that´s not all about it. Suffering from bulimia nervosa is not […]

body checking 1 Body checking

Body checking

Body checking is referred to an obsessive thought and/or behaviours about appearance in eating disorders. Body checking is part of the picture of eating disorders – especially anorexia and bulimia, but if you are not engaging in any of the following behaviours, I want you to know, that your eating […]