When did it happen, that breakfast became uncool and considered as unhealthy?
I went through a phase were not skipping breakfast felt like I am a complete failure. I believed influecers, that it is necessary and healthy to fast half the day. But actually the fasting we have at night is enough for our digestive system.

Eating breakfast gives me the necessary energy, I need for the day to be in a good mood, be creative and feel good. Not eating breakfast leaves me tired, grumpy, gives me headaches and stomach issues later and earing breakfast prevents overeating later.

So, without further due! Here are my favorite breakfast recipes! Enjoy!

  • the best blueberry lemon pancakes
    Perfect combination: blueberries with lemon. There is no better way to start the day than with blueberry lemon pancakes. The pancakes are vegan and really easy to make. I use protein powder for this, you can read about why here. If you don’t have that much time in the morning, you can also pre-bake the… Read more: the best blueberry lemon pancakes
  • easy Porridge recipe
    Porridge is one of my go-to breakfast options. It doesn’t take too long, warms you up from the inside and can help with digestion. Oatmeal in combination with a fat and protein source also keeps you full and gets you through the morning well. Here in the article I will of course show you one… Read more: easy Porridge recipe
  • easy chocolate chia-pudding
    I always found, that Chia pudding has the nastiest texture EVER! There was no way that would go down my throat. BUT I gave it another try. I blended it (very well) and to be honest: It´s one of my favourite breakfasts now!
  • favourite pancake recipe
    A balanced and nourishing breakfast designed by the plate by plate approach. This is my absolute favourite pancake recipe – it is easy to make. And it contains CHICKPEAS? 🙂
  • quick and easy apple pie baked oats
    Quick and comforting apple pie baked oats. With an vegan or non vegan option. Nourishing not only for your soul but also body!