• easy Chickpea-Curry
    Sometimes you just want it to be quick in the kitchen – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste or nutrients. This Chickpea-Curry is an easy and quick recipe that can be ready to eat within 20 minute. The chickpea- curry goes well with a leaf salad with vinegar and oil dressing or … Read more
  • stuffed paprika with Quinoa
    A recipe I can think of for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A real all-rounder. The stuffed paprika with quinoa are pleasantly sweet due to the dates and are real nutrient bombs. The stuffed paprika with Quinoa have quickly become one our favourite recipes. You might like the recipe as much as we do! why these … Read more
  • quick and easy leek and cheese soup (vegan)
    A traditional German soup veganised, packed with lots of nutrients, nourishing, flavourful and quick to make. Let´s start cooking this easy leek and cheese soup. You won´t regret it 😀
  • creamy pasta without cream: the desire to be important.
    pasta is always a good idea, right, but even pasta can get boring sometimes. BUT with this creamy pasta without cream your lunch or dinner will definitely not be boring. For me it tastes like the desire to be important. Why? Let me explain…
  • nutritious and flavorful savoury breakfast oats
    Sweet or savoury breakfast oats? I bet most people will chose the sweet option. For a long time me included. However more recently I feel like a savoury breakfast satisfies me more. But to be honest, I suck a little in finding vegan savoury breakfast options. So, I gave savoury porridge a go, and I … Read more
  • heartwarming and nourishing potato lentil soup
    This potato lentil soup is a perfect balanced meal. High in micro-nutrients, carbs and proteins and moderate in fats. It´s easy and quick to cook and perfect for days you are seeking some comfort.
  • colourful heartwarming mie-noodles soup
    This mie-noodles soup is rich in vitamins and minerals, the amount of grains, protein and fats is well balances, and of course very tasty. To be honest – when I came up with this recipe, I didn´t even expect it to turn out THIS good. Depending on how hungry you are feeling this gives 1-2 … Read more
  • simple, creamy and vegan friendly chicken Primavera One Pot pasta
    My absolutely favorite pasta recipe. It´s cooked in only one pot (better pan), wo there won´t be a lot of cleaning afterwards. It´s packed with grains, proteins and great nutrients.
  • heavenly Japanese Curry Pan-fried buns (vegan) you must try!
    I love trying out new recipes especially traditional foods from other cultures. One of my favourites so far is definitely the Japanese Curry pan-fried buns. They are easy to make, adjustable and taste divine. You definitely don´t want to miss out on this one!!
  • delightful vegan tofu katsu
    Whenever someone tells me, Tofu doesn´t taste good, or doesn´t have a taste at all, my favorite response is, that they probably never had proper prepared tofu. So, even though, by now I am so used to Tofu and I could eat a whole black raw, my favourite way to eat it, is as a japanese vegan tofu katsu.
  • refreshing hummus burrito
    I used to not like wraps, because I found them as too dry and too tasteless. Well,… turned out, I just never put enough fillings in it. So, in case you´re remaking this one: make sure to really stuff it and don´t be shy with the hummus and cream cheese. The juicier, the better.
  • pan pizza
    My favorite dish. Pan pizza. It is easy to make, quick and convenient. I bet you have all ingredients at home! I also left some words about the impact of food on memories here. Check it out!
  • nourish bowl
    Food is more than just energy.Food is also nourishment for the soul. Food connects people with each other. Brings cultures together.Food plays a huge part in socializing. Food is also meant to bring is comfort.Food should leave us satisfied and nourish our inner child. If eating would only be about getting energy in to survive: … Read more