afraid of gaining weight

Are you really afraid of gaining weight? Fat phobic believes in eating disorders.

Do you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells, afraid of gaining weight? Afraid to enjoy food because you fear you might gain weight from it? Afraid you will never stop gaining weight? Afraid that you will gain all the weight back?

But… why are we afraid of gaining weight? Where does the fear come from?

Isn´t it absurd, that we are living our life in a way, only to keep ourselves small? Who says that gaining weight is a bad thing?

what are you really afraid of.

This is a really good question. Because I can tell you for sure, that the main root of the fear is not the weight gain itself. More, what you associate with living in a bigger body or being at a higher weight. What you´re associating with weight gain might vary from person to person, but no one is just afraid of gaining weight.

About ideal body shapes over the past centuries

  • 1900-1910: Gibson Girl: tall with a large bust and wide hips but a narrow waist,
  • 1920, The Flappers: bobbed hair, shortened dresses and “scandalous” behavior, rarely wore corsets, downplaying their breasts and waists, often showed their ankles or knees.
  • Mae West 1930: emphasized waist and hips, flaunting her figure through close-fitting dresses
  • 1940: flawless skin and healthy, slender bodies, a look not too far away from that of the average American woman.
  • 1950 Marilyn Monroe: long legs and busty hourglass figures
  • 1960 Twiggy: slender and long-legged
  • 1970: tanned with flowing hair and a slim, toned body — an athletic look with minimal or “natural” makeup.
  • 1970: incredibly toned, slim women – Being thin was ideal; being thin and strong even better.
  • 1990: even thinner
  • 2000: tall, thin and leggy models with big breasts, flowing hair and toned bodies.
  • and now we´re back to the thin and incredibly toned fit look, long legs, small bust and narrow hips.

What the believes behind being afraid of gaining weight might actually look like:

These believes have all one thing in common: They are not true.

Happiness is not bounded to a certain body shape and even when you have been at a higher weight earlier, when you weren´t feeling very happy, it doesn´t mean that there is no possible way you could be happy at this certain weight.

Challenge your believes

These believes are not fixed. They can be changed and rephrased. Whenever these doubts and thoughts come up, it´s up to you to remind yourself, that these thoughts aren´t the reality. Your body weight is the least interesting thing about you!

Gaining weight can be a good thing!

afraid of gaining weight

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